The Chimney Doctor Is Licensed, Insured, And Eager To Serve Residents In West Memphis

Worried your fireplace and chimney aren’t ready for bad weather and heavy rains? We’ve provided preventive maintenance for homes in West Memphis, Southaven, Hulbert, Almont, Blanton, Presley Junction, Galet, Riceville, Bauxippi, Wyanoke, Briark, Amanca, Gavin, Germantown, Bartlett, Memphis, and more. Protecting your chimney against leaks and fire hazards is simple and affordable with The Chimney Doctor.

Known for hosting tons of annual events throughout the year, West Memphis provides residents everything they need to dive into community fun and stay entertained. Have a day off? Go out to Big River Crossing, Worthington Park, or one of the other parks around town and enjoy some sunshine.

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Rainstorms & Bad Weather On The Way? We’ll Make Sure Your Chimney Is Ready

Whether it’s a rainy day in spring, a cold evening in fall, or a snowy night in winter, it’s always nice to come home and enjoy a crackling fire at the end of it all, and we can make sure your chimney and fireplace are ready. If you live on Rainer Road, Loop Drive, Avalon Street, Broadway Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Mound City Road, Military Road, Ingram Boulevard, McAuley Drive, Sula Lane, Proctor Road, Catt Street, Harrison Avenue, Thompson Avenue, Richardson Avenue, Perkins Avenue, Jackson Avenue, Tyler Avenue, Missouri Street, Cooper Avenue, Oliver Avenue, or a street nearby, you can count on us for everything, from cleanings and inspections to repairs and rebuilds.

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We also specialize in chimney leak repair and preventionExperiencing water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your chimney. Water can damage your brickwork, ruin your chimney liner, and completely compromise the structural integrity of your entire system. It can increase your risk fof settling or collapse, chimney fire, and gas leak.

If chimney leaks are giving you grief, we can help. We offer custom chimney caps and flue covers, as well as waterproofing services. Don’t let chimney leaks claim your hard-earned money and put your family at risk – prevention and early repair is key!

Expert Care Is Only A Phone Call Away

Whether it’s your chimney, your outdoor fireplace, or your dryer vents in need of professional care, call The Chimney Doctor. We serve homeowners in Millington, Mound City, Quarles, Marion, Wylie Spur, Sunset, Ebony, Somerville, and the neighboring communities and we’re here when you need us. Let us take care of it all. Call 901-388-8097 or request an appointment online today.


Arlington, TN residents rest easy knowing they enjoy the same expert chimney care available to every customer in our service area.


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