Keep your Chimney Safer & Free Of Danger With Professional Chimney Cleanings

An attractive and high-performing fireplace can provide you and your family with decades of comfort and enjoyment — but you’ve got to give a little, too. Your chimney system works hard all winter long to vent smoke, combustion gases, and other byproducts out of the home quickly. But all of those byproducts can build up and leave your chimney in need of a good cleaning — and The Chimney Doctor can help.

We provide thorough cleanings and remove buildup like soot and creosote, as well as any blockages in the flue, quickly and professionally. Our cleanings include a sweeping of the firebox, grate, smoke chamber, damper, smoke shelf, and chimney liner. We’ll also look for any signs of damage, like cracks, gaps, missing joints, or fire hazards, and provide you with tips regarding repairs, maintenance, and safe burning practices. When we’re done, you’ll be able to confidently go into the fall and winter months, ready for that first fire of the season.

Is Chimney Cleaning Messy?

When we’re cleaning your chimney and fireplace, there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about: being left with a mess. We take the time to protect your furniture and carpet and to set our equipment up in a way that ensures no mess makes it into your home and onto your belongings.

Do You Need To Do Anything To Prepare For A Chimney Cleaning?

There are a couple of little things you need to do prior to your chimney cleaning appointment:

  • If you have any valuables or furniture within six feet of your fireplace, it’s best to move them so we have plenty of room to set up.
  • If you have any pets, please keep them in a different room so they stay safe and clean.
  • Please don’t use your fireplace the day of or the day before your scheduled cleaning.

We’ll take care of the rest — and don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we plan to arrive so you’re not waiting around.

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When it’s time for a chimney inspection, be sure to call us…and ask about all our other chimney and fireplace services when you do.

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