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Our goal is to make it easy for you and your family to enjoy a safer, more beautiful chimney and fireplace, year after year, which is why we offer an array of chimney and fireplace repair services, as well as new fireplace construction. What good would we be as a chimney and fireplace care company if all we did was clean the hearth? As Memphis’s one-stop shop for chimney and fireplace cleaning, maintenance, repair, and rebuild, we’re here to help you with so much more. Read on to learn more about the chimney and fireplace construction and repair services our licensed, insured, and experienced team can help with.

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Chimney Liner Repair & Relining

Your chimney liner plays a vital role in the safety and performance of your entire chimney system, but is it really protecting you and your family against structure fires, smoke problems, and other dangers? We can make sure it is by providing you with a thorough and detailed chimney inspection. If we find that your chimney was built without a chimney liner or that the existing liner is in terrible shape and is no longer protecting against heat transfer and other dangers, we can reline with stainless steel.

Stainless steel chimney liners are built to withstand the high heat and corrosive byproducts of the fire, no matter what fuel you’re using, and can be fit into just about any chimney out there. Plus, installation is less labor intensive than other relining options and won’t require the mess of a tear-out.

If your clay tile liner is still structurally sound but needs a little TLC here and there, we also offer HeatShield® joint repair and flue resurfacing. Using a cerfractory sealant, we can strengthen, insulate, seal, and smooth over your old liner and give it a whole new life of service. Like stainless steel, HeatShield® is approved for use with all fuel types and can take the beating of extreme temperatures produced by the fire.

Repointing/Tuckpointing & Masonry Repair

In our 30+ years as brick and stone masons, we’ve repaired, repointed, and tuckpointed countless masonry structures in the greater Memphis area, including chimneys, retaining walls, walkways, and patios. Our expertise and experience enables us to consistently deliver beautiful, strong, long-lasting results that enhance the home and property and extend the life of the masonry.

If any masonry on your property needs some attention, be it your brick chimney or something else, you can count on our team to remove those weak and damaged mortar joints and beautifully refresh them with new color-matched mortar. If damage is more extensive, we can also rebuild the structure. Whatever your masonry repair needs are, The Chimney Doctor’s expert masons can help.

New Fireplace Construction

Longing for a new fireplace? Why not build one that will last for generations with The Chimney Doctor? We’re experienced masons with expert knowledge of traditional masonry methods and styles as well as contemporary and on-trend masonry styles. Just let us know what your vision is for your fireplace and we’ll help with everything — from figuring out the size needed to warm your space and the logistics of placement to determining the best materials for the job. We guarantee you’ll love your new fireplace when our expert masons are finished.

Smoke Chamber Repairs

Like your chimney liner, your smoke chamber must be smooth and free of gaps, cracks, or holes if it’s to effectively prevent heat transfer and other dangers. But when damage occurs or the smoke chamber is poorly designed, we can repair, restore, and reshape the smoke chamber so you can enjoy a safer, better performing fireplace.

Fireplace Damper Repair/Replacement

Sometimes smoke problems, downdrafts, fireplace performance issues, and even high energy bills can be traced back to a broken or ineffective fireplace damper. This piece of the chimney and fireplace system sits just below the flue and is used to seal off the flue when the fireplace isn’t being used and open it up when it is.

Unfortunately, these metal components don’t provide the best seal against conditioned air loss and downdrafts, and they often break or rust into place, making them impossible to open before lighting a fire.

If your damper is broken or you’d just like to swap yours out for one that will save you energy and give your chimney added protection against leaks, birds, and animals, give us a call. We repair dampers and install energy-top or top-sealing dampers which can solve multiple problems and save you money.

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Our chimney and fireplace services include finding and fixing all kinds of chimney leaks so you don’t have to worry about messy, more expensive damage down the road.


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