The Best Way To Prevent Fires Is To Have Your Chimney Inspected Annually — The Chimney Doctor Can Help!

With 20 years of experience as firefighters here in Memphis, we’ve seen the devastation that a rapidly spreading chimney fire can cause, and our mission is to prevent these from happening.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) urge homeowners to make inspections an annual part of home care and we couldn’t agree more! We know that many fires are preventable, but not if you don’t know you’re at risk. That’s why we’re proud to offer thorough chimney inspections and detailed reports to our clients throughout the greater Memphis area. Here’s a little bit about the types of inspections we provide and when they’re needed:

NFPA Level 1 Chimney Inspections

When they’re needed: Level 1 chimney inspections are for chimneys that have been regularly maintained, inspected annually, and used under normal conditions. If no changes have occurred and you plan on using your chimney and fireplace just like you always have in the past, then a level 1 is probably all you’ll need.

What’s included: During a routine level 1 inspection, our team will assess all readily accessible portions of the chimney and fireplace, including the firebox, smoke chamber, damper, crown, chimney cap, masonry, and flue. While this level of inspection doesn’t involve the use of any special tools, we will check for any obvious signs of damage, fire hazards, or chimney leaks.

Camera inspection of chimney

NFPA Level 2 Chimney Inspections

When they’re needed: Level 2 chimney inspections are for chimneys and fireplaces that have undergone a change in appliance, flue liner, performance level, or that have been damaged by a chimney fire or severe weather event. These are also important inspections to schedule when you’re buying or selling your home.

What’s included: When we’re performing a level 2 inspection, we’re looking for things that could be missed during a level 1 inspection. That’s why we assess everything we assess in a level 1, but also use video scanning equipment to get a closer, more detailed look at the interior of the flue. We’ll also look at all of the other readily accessible areas of the chimney, including those in the crawlspace, attic, or basement.

NFPA Level 3 Chimney Inspections

When they’re needed: Level 3 chimney inspections are really only for chimneys with serious problems that can’t be identified, addressed, or repaired without removing portions of the chimney or home.

What’s included: During a level 3 inspection, we’ll look at everything we look at during a level 1 and level 2 inspection, but we may also need to remove parts of the chimney system or home. Because some demolition work may be involved, we never perform a level 3 chimney inspection unless it’s absolutely necessary and the homeowner has agreed to it.

What Can An Inspection Reveal?

Chimney inspections are designed to let you know when your chimney system needs attention or when problems are present. Some of the things an inspection can reveal:

Has it been more than a year since you had your chimney inspected? Call The Chimney Doctor at 901-388-8097 or request an appointment online today. We’re here to help you enjoy your fireplace, year after year, without worrying about devastating and preventable fires. Call today and our friendly and knowledgeable professionals will get right to work.


If you’re experiencing smoke and odor issues, you can bet our chimney and fireplace services experts can find and fix the problem.


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