Want To Protect Your Chimney Against Leaks & Damage? Ask The Chimney Doctor To Waterproof Your Chimney!

Your home is a major investment and you want to make sure it stays in great condition, decade after decade, right? But what happens when your chimney starts leaking?

Every year, chimney leaks here in the greater Memphis, TN area cause damage to homes and cost homeowners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in repairs. But you don’t have to cross your fingers and simply hope this doesn’t happen in your home — you can take preventive action with The Chimney Doctor.

We offer comprehensive leak prevention and repair services, with chimney waterproofing at the heart of those services. Our team uses the industry’s most advanced and effective chimney waterproofing products to keep masonry chimneys dry and in tip-top shape.

Introducing ChimneySaver — The Industry’s Best Chimney Waterproofing Product

We’re proud to use ChimneySaver when waterproofing the chimneys of our customers. Here’s what makes it the best product out there:

  • It leaves a clear, shine-free finish — Protecting your chimney with a water repellent should help preserve its appearance, not alter it. That’s one reason we love ChimneySaver water repellent. This product provides all the protection you want and need, without leaving a sheen or tint on the masonry. That means a beautiful and protected chimney, without compromise.
  • It protects against leaks and water damage for 10 years — Some water repellents only provide short-term protection, but with ChimneySaver, you get 10 years of protection, guaranteed. Once the product is professionally applied, you can cross “water-related masonry damage” off your list of worries for the next decade.
Water Repellent Spray on Bricks clear and shine-free
  • It’s 100% vapor-permeable — When your fireplace is in use, it produces water vapor that needs to be able to escape the chimney and masonry fully. If it’s trapped inside by a sealant or other waterproofing product that isn’t vapor-permeable, that water vapor can actually damage the masonry, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you waterproof. With ChimneySaver, that’s not a concern. This product is 100% vapor-permeable and allows that vapor to escape, while still preventing moisture from entering the masonry from the outside.
  • It offers total protection — When waterproofing your chimney, you don’t just want protection against some of the damage water can cause — you want protection against it all. And with ChimneySaver, that’s what you get. This system protects against cracking mortar joints, popping brick, flaking brick, efflorescence (white salt deposits), discoloration, staining, mildew, and fungus growth.

Leak Prevention Is Easy, Affordable & Stress-Free With The Chimney Doctor

With anything, prevention is usually the least costly and stressful option, and with chimney leaks, it’s no different. Save yourself the headache, frustration, and expense of a chimney leak or chimney rebuild by investing in professional chimney waterproofing services with The Chimney Doctor. Our team specializes in bringing innovative and effective chimney services to Memphis and the neighboring communities, and we’ll make sure your chimney is properly protected against the threat of water — no matter how much rain we get this year! Call 901-388-8097 or request an appointment online with our certified, licensed, and insured team today.


We can find and fix chimney leaks to prevent costly damage to your home. Are you in need of this chimney and fireplace service?


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