Reduce Your Risk Of Fire With Expert Smoke Chamber Repairs

Our goal here at The Chimney Doctor is to make time by the fireside safer and more enjoyable for our neighbors in the greater Memphis area, which is why we take such a close look at the smoke chamber during inspections.

The smoke chamber is the funnel-shaped area over the firebox that’s in the chimney system to funnel smoke and byproducts up into the flue. Because it sits just above the actual fire, it must be highly insulated and crack/damage free. If it’s not, it could allow heat to transfer to nearby combustibles, like framing in walls, which could easily spark a house fire.

But that’s not the only problem or threat caused by a damaged smoke chamber. If the surface of the smoke chamber isn’t smooth and free of gaps and rough patches, it will actually slow the passage of smoke and other byproducts of the fire which could cause these problems:

  • smoke and byproducts flowing back into your living space
  • greater amounts of creosote in the chimney (creosote is a flammable deposit that’s highly corrosive and difficult to remove)

Naturally, as current firefighters who take the safety and comfort of our clients seriously, we want to do everything possible to prevent smoke chamber-related safety and health hazards. But what causes damage and smoke chamber-related hazards in the first place? Most commonly, smoke chambers are damaged by the following:

  • water/moisture from chimney leaks
  • creosote
  • the heat of the fire
  • flawed design/construction
  • time/age

The good news is, if your smoke chamber is damaged, full of gaps and cracks, or simply in bad shape, the process of insulating, smoothing, reshaping, and restoring is fast and affordable with The Chimney Doctor.

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Repairing & Restoring Your Smoke Chamber Is Fast & Affordable

Here at The Chimney Doctor, we rely on industry-leading products and the training and expertise of our team to parge smoke chambers smooth. How’s it done? We’re glad you asked.

We apply a highly insulating, temperature-resistant product to the smoke chamber’s surface, either by sprayer or by trowel. This restoration system seals cracks, fills holes and gaps, smooths rough spots, and is used to reshape and resurface the smoke chamber.

Because of its highly insulating and temperature-resistant properties, the smoke chamber repair and restoration system eliminates concerns about heat transfer and allows you and your family to enjoy many years of safer, cozier fires.

Schedule Your Smoke Chamber Inspection & Repair Today

Is your smoke chamber damaged? Even small cracks can be dangerous, so schedule an inspection with The Chimney Doctor today. We’ll let you know whether or not your smoke chamber is in need of repairs and provide recommendations for enjoying the warmth and comfort of your fireplace, without the worry. Call 901-388-8097 or request an appointment with one of our licensed and insured professional chimney technicians online. We’re here to help, wherever you are in the Memphis area.


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