There are some things you don’t fully appreciate until you’re without out – a big one being electricity. In the event of a power outage during a storm, you may find yourself without light, heat, and many other things you’re not used to being without.

When your ready power supply suddenly snaps off, though, you don’t need to panic. With the right preparation, you can stay warm and well-lit until the lights come back on. And when they do? You’ll probably have a new appreciation for the convenience of a flashlight that’s ready-at-hand, the weight of a comfortable blanket, and the warm glow of a home fireplace.

Preparation is Key

Before the lights start flickering, it’s invaluable to have a stash of supplies organized in a convenient location in your home. What might that include?

  • Blankets and layers. If you’re warding off a chill, you’ll be thankful for blankets and some warm clothing to help trap body heat and stay warm. While it may not seem necessary in June, you’ll be thankful for your foresight on a cold Tennessee winter evening!
  • Flashlights and batteries. Flashlights or battery operated lanterns are lifesavers during power outages, helping you navigate the dark. Be sure to have extra batteries at the ready so dead batteries don’t dim your prospects.
  • Candles and matches. Candles provide a little light and warmth, and are handy to set on a table or countertop to cast illumination around a room.
  • Portable heater. A portable propane or kerosene heater can provide backup heat, but should be used with extreme caution in a well-ventilated area.
  • Emergency generator. If feasible, investing in a generator will bring power into your home when your main source fails. This is especially important if you rely on a medical device that requires it, but is also helpful to power a refrigerator or freezer should the outage go on for a long time.
  • Non-perishable food and water. Having a stock of canned goods, dry snacks, and bottled water, is extremely useful during a power outage.
original infographic on things to have in a power outage

Preparing Your Fireplace for a Power Outage

When thinking of readiness, don’t overlook what might be your greatest asset of all – your home fireplace. If you’re lucky enough to have one, you have a reliable heat source, ambient lighting, and a cooking option all in one. How to keep your fireplace ready to use, and to reliably enjoy for years to come? Regular maintenance is key.

  • Annual inspections: The CSIA urges homeowners with chimneys to have them professionally inspected annually. We offer three levels of chimney inspection, but most years you’ll simply require a level one inspection. Why’s it so vital? It can reveal that your chimney needs to be cleaned, ways to increase performance, or maintenance concerns that can be addressed more easily if caught early. If you’re diligent about this step, you’re less likely to experience breakdown or weakened fireplace functionality when you need it to perform the most.
  • Chimney Sweeping: Having your chimney swept regularly will ensure that there are no blockages that could hinder ventilation. This is vital, and impaired ventilation can cause smoke or toxic gases to build up in your living space. Sweeping also addresses accumulation of creosote, which poses a chimney fire risk.
  • Fuel Prep: It’s not exactly preparing your fireplace, but it does affect its usefulness! Be sure to maintain a ready stack of well-seasoned firewood to fuel your wood-burning fireplace unit. You should never burn anything except seasoned wood in your fireplace, as some items will release dangerous chemicals into your living space.
  • Clearances: Always keep anything combustible – think baskets, books, curtains, furniture, and other decor – at least three feet from your fireplace so it’s ready to use safely.

Finally, when you use your fireplace, remember that your fire should always be monitored. Don’t leave a fire burning unattended. As an extra layer of protection against the risk of uncontained fire, consider using a fireplace screen to reign in any errant sparks or embers.

Being Ready for the Unexpected: Work With Us

Power outages may be unavoidable, but with a little preparation and the right mindset, you can weather the storm – literally. Stocking up on essentials, making the most of your fireplace, and prioritizing safety and maintenance can add light and warmth to your days, even if those days are marked by power failure!

So take the necessary steps, and entrust us with the care of your chimney and fireplace. With our dedication to customer needs and extensive knowledge of fireplace safety, you can know that your fireplace will be ready to keep you comfortable even when the lights go out.

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