These days, you can learn just about anything if you look hard enough in the right places. Articles, shows, tutorials, short videos…all accessible and before your eyes in half a second with a click, touch, or swipe of a screen. Thanks to the internet and the plethora of people around the world sharing their knowledge, more and more homeowners are intrigued by DIY-ing their home improvement projects. And while this can offer a great, money-saving option in some scenarios, when it comes to fireplace repairs, “doing it yourself” should never be on the table.

Learn more about why chimney and fireplace repairs are always best left in the hands of professionals, as well as some signs that indicate when immediate attention is needed. Found yourself on this page as a result of Googling, “fireplace repair diy vs. professional,” “Memphis fireplace repair,” or something similar? Not to worry – the pros here at The Chimney Doctor can help.

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When Should I Call a Professional for Fireplace Repair…Instead of Trying To Fix It Myself?

We get it. Some of us are generally more inclined to look at something that needs fixing and think, “I can just do this myself.” You figure you’ll save time and money that way, and again, due to the instant and easy access of the internet, a lot of times that might feel true.

…but when it comes to your fireplace and chimney, the same logic just does not apply. Why, exactly? Well, because despite the somewhat simple appearance of your fireplace, there is just so much that goes on behind the scenes.

Think about: your hearth is literally intended to house and maintain a real, hot, and burning fire inside the walls of your home. Appropriately, it’s a bit more complicated than an elegantly decorated tube connecting your heating system to the outdoors.

Here are the top three reasons why you should always trust a professional for any kind of fireplace repair:

original infographic stating "3 Reasons To Leave Fireplace Repairs To Professionals"

1. Fireplaces (and their chimneys) are inherently dangerous.

Regardless of specific fireplace appliance or model, fuel type, or other related factors, anything that comes into contact with flames is dangerous. Period. Not only do you have to be concerned with the actual fire itself, but you have to take into consideration the byproducts of combustion too. Things like creosote accumulation and exposure to harmful, deadly, and difficult-to-detect gases – like carbon monoxide – can cause even more damage and bring danger to you and your family if not dealt with properly. Plus, it’s dirty, dark, and really hard to see anything well.

2. You could create additional issues or miss the root cause of the problem.

Because of the way these systems are designed to operate, there is not always one clear answer or solution to the problem you may be experiencing. Imagine you’re having draft issues and after consulting YouTube, it appears that the cause of your problem could be the cracks in your firebox. But, even after you follow all the resolution steps, your living room is still filled with smoke every time you light a fire. When you finally do call on a team of industry professionals, you learn that the issue was deeper and had more to do with the state of your liner as opposed to the firebox. Now, you’ve wasted both time and money just to learn you didn’t actually address the real problem causing your fireplace frustrations. 

3. Unless you’re a trained fireplace and chimney professional, you don’t have the knowledge or the tools.

We’re really not trying to dog on the internet and everything you can teach yourself, but there are just some things that are better left to the experts. Just as you wouldn’t defend a client in the court of law after watching Law & Order, you really shouldn’t try messing around with something potentially dangerous if you have not received the proper training and education…and HGTV does not count. Not only do you not have access to the resources, tools, and equipment afforded to professional chimney service technicians, the adverse effects of your experimenting can be detrimental.

Trust us: It’s much faster and easier to hand the situation over to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. If you’re on the hunt for fireplace repairs near Memphis, The Chimney Doctor is here to help. Give us a call at 901-388-8097, or fill out this form to learn more.

What Are the Signs That My Chimney Needs Inspection or Repair?

That’s a great question. Check out the following list of things that indicate the need for a prompt, professional look:

  • Strange smells lingering in or around the fireplace 
  • Signs of water damage in the firebox or surrounding walls/ceiling
  • Bits of mortar or terra cotta littering the floor of your fireplace
  • Excessive smoke production or other issues with draft
  • Strange/different appliance behavior or performance

It’s also important to note that this list is not all inclusive. There are other things that can point to the need for immediate system repairs, just like there are many issues that might not make themselves known until it’s too late. That’s why the most important thing you can do for your fireplace is establish a regular preventative maintenance routine and keep up with it. Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require annual chimney sweeps and inspections for the same reason: preventative attention is far better than reactive repairs.

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