HeatShield® — A Revolutionary Solution To Flue Liner Damage

For decades, chimneys were lined with clay or terra cotta flue tiles, so if you have an older chimney, there’s a good chance that’s what type of liner you have. But over time, chimney leaks, heat and moisture from the fire, and corrosive byproducts like creosote can damage these types of liners, causing cracks and gaps to form or pieces of tile to flake or break off.

When this type of damage occurs, the chimney can allow heat, moisture, smoke, ash, and sparks from the fire to transfer through the gaps, cracks, and damaged surfaces in the flue liner— and unfortunately, this can cause structural damage, and even a house fire.

But if your flue liner is damaged, relining may not be your only option. Here at The Chimney Doctor, we specialize in flue liner repair and resurfacing using the industry’s most revolutionary product, HeatShield®.

Heashield Joint Repair Application
Heatshield Resurfacing

HeatShield® is a system that uses a cerfractory sealant to make long-lasting, heat-resistant repairs and restore and insulate clay tile flue liners. The reason the system is so effective is that the cerfractory sealant used is able to withstand moisture, flue gases, and temperatures up to and beyond 2900 degrees F. It’s approved for use with all fuel types, so no matter how much heat your fireplace throws at it or what type of byproducts it’s exposed to, HeatShield® can stand up to the challenge.

We use the system in a couple of different ways:

  • HeatShield® Joint Repair — When there are issues with the refractory mortar joints between the clay tiles, we can use HeatShield® to repair those joints and restore the safety of the flue liner. We first prep and clean the area, and then use a foam applicator blade to push the sealant into the gap and smooth over the surface. When we’re done, you’re left with a stronger, safer chimney.
  • HeatShield® Resurfacing — When the flue liner is damaged just about all over but it’s still structurally safe and sound, we can use HeatShield® to provide a fresh new surface. We first clean and prep the flue with a “tie coat” before placing a custom foam plug at the bottom of the flue. Next, we pour the HeatShield® sealant down into the flue and pull the plug up through the flue to smooth the product into place. With just a 1/4” thickness, HeatShield® is able to fully restore, seal, and insulate the flue liner so you can rest easy.

Call The Chimney Doctor To Find Out If HeatShield® Is The Cure For Your Flue

If you’ve been told your flue liner is damaged and in need of repair and you’re considering the options, call The Chimney Doctor. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will provide honest and reliable recommendations based on the condition of your liner, your burning habits, and your budget. And since we use video scanning equipment during our chimney inspections, you’ll know exactly where damage is and how bad it is, and you’ll be able to see the difference when we’re done with the repairs.

We’ve put out enough fires in our 20 years of service as firefighters with the city of Memphis, and now we’re here to help prevent fires altogether. Don’t put the safety of your family at risk this winter — call 901-388-8097 or request an appointment online today and find out if HeatShield® is the best repair option for your flue.


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